Burn The Ship

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As a part of this movement, we want to inspire and challenge each other to recognize the ships (struggles, bad habits, insecurities, distractions, and addictions) in our lives that need to be burned. Your ship is the largest negative aspect of your life that consumes you, your thoughts, and your daily being. These ships look completely different for each individual, yet everyone has them.

Our clothing, media, and products support our movement, as well as other organizations with the same goal. It is vital to leave our ships behind, in order to live the full life intended for us. So burn them!  We are about real change, not behavior modification. This is a commitment and it will not be easy. But, we can assure you, if you remove the ships in your life, the rewards will far outweigh whatever fleeting pleasure or benefit you gleaned from your ships.  

The ability to experience the adventure, true joy, and freedom that life has to offer is waiting for you. We believe that true joy and freedom are found in Christ alone. Once we remove the distractions and addictions from our lives, we are able to see more clearly the plan and purpose God has for us. Even if you do not believe in God, we are glad you are here. We want everyone to be a part of this movement. Burn The Ship today. Do not look back.

We want to come along side you and remind you daily that you are not alone. Although burning your ship will be extremely challenging at times, you can be encouraged that others are on the hard path to freedom as well. We are with you. Today, recognize the ship in your life that is holding you back and remove it. Press on and stay the course.