Burn The Ship

old ship .jpg


Burn The Ship was born from an idea that originated in 1519. That year, Hernán Cortés set sail to Veracruz, Mexico with his crew. Upon arrival, Cortés' men became weary and scared, with hopes of turning back home to their old life. 

As legend has it, Cortez had the men burn their ships, leaving no option but to press on! Their ability to retreat to their previous way of life was gone; their safety net had been removed.

The burning of those ships represented much more than a separation from old ways. The same fire that set the ships ablaze also allowed Cortés men to complete their mission and be a part of something greater than themselves.

Burning our ships means there is no turning back to old habits and ways. In this world we wrestle with all kinds of different physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual battles. To allow great change in our lives, we must find the root of those struggles - our own ships that can be so tempting to sail back on - and burn them.